Good News-Facebook is coming up with Hashtags!

Day by day Facebook is doing so many changes for their user. Few days back Facebook launch new feature for status update name is ‘What are you do?’ It includes feelings, Watching, Listening to, Drinking, Eating, and Playing etc. Now Facebook is come up with ‘#’ Hash tag system.  You may be seen in Twitter which is social networking site and also Instagram, where you can post photographs with ‘# tag’.  General Purpose of ‘#’ tag is searching some query with the help of this hash ‘#’ tag. You will get hug number of data or search result.

Tweet works: mention the hash tag with your interested tag. In image shows #GALAXYNote tag, whenever you clicked on it, show you result that how many people added this tag in their tweets and you can directly talk to them.


Anyone can follow you, re-tweet your tweets, can talk directly so many features.


Some view on Instagram, you can easily tag and searchable tags with hash


On Facebook, hash tags in status updates are dead text, but still People are using them.  Especially those who cross-post updates or linked with Twitter or Instagram, but the tags are disconnected from the topics, news, or memes they reference. Just because of ‘hash tags’ twitter is rocking these days. Even you can compare with Instagram, who has smart phones those only can share photographs with hash tag.  In Twitter case doesn’t have any such kind of limitations; anyone can post it with hash tag. Twitter launches too many app for smart phones, laptops, PC, Mac.

More features to be announced by Facebook

The hashtags will conform to users’ privacy settings — so putting a hash-tag in a post, that’s only visible to your friends only. It doesn’t allow showing up for anyone other than your friends.

Facebook said it will make the click-able hash-tags available to users in the coming weeks. Hashtags haven’t worked on Facebook until now. Using hashtags will help users gain a larger view of what others are talking about, Lindley said.  Let’s see in future, Facebook is coming with mixture of too many features. Till day just enjoy the Facebook Timeline feature.


Social Networking For Your Connectivity

You have heard about social networking if you are not sure about what exactly social networking? Social networking is the group of member to make a community who can share all thought there and all member will get update what thinks each members. This way you can express yours thought to each persons whose is in this group. Like that way on internet it’s called as online social networking. In online social networking commonly use websites and these websites called as social sites or networking sites or online community sites. These social sites are user friendly, there varies facilities for user to create a lot of traffic.

Did you know what the purpose of online social networking is? If no then think about it. To communicate with each other through internet. If you are living in pune then you can not bind to communicate with only in pune zone you can communicate with USA person or anywhere persons. This is the main feature of social networking. You can make anywhere friends and can communicate with them. Even I my experience we can communicate with each there and even we will learns new cultures, trends, language. One of my social site friend I want to display his name ‘Pravin’, he told me ‘Learning is always a Good Thing for Human Being’.

In social sites there is varies features like many of the communities sites share common things like hobbies, interest, religions, polities, areas (location)etc. Once you are granted user to access your account on social site then you can start your socialization. There you can invite your friends and also you can make friends with unknown person. You may update your original photo; you can make your photo album, slide shows of your photos. There is facility to upload your video clips, themes for your profile etc. There are features for your profile, it gives your profile is very attractive.

Now a day’s social networking is the fashion of all business professional persons. Social networking is mostly use for attracting user on own website. Indirectly they create market for there business.

Some times social networking is dangerous because some issues are discus there and it makes big issue for all people. So when you are participate in group communication always remember be safe with your self.

After these you want to ask me question ‘which website is the best social networking sites’ then I would like to say all social networking sites are good but slightly different in there facilities. Top most social networking sites are myspace, facebook, friendwish, friendfinder, yahoo! 360, orkut, classmates etc. list is going one…..

So are you ready for using social networking sites, making good friends and business meetings and partnership meetings?