Video Search Engine Optimization

Video search engine optimization is the one of the newest part of SEO. Now a day’s video creation tremendously increases. Why is that? Any one says only righting content and user will read all article or news content. So most of seo peoples turns towards video creation and there optimization. For example normal user goes to google and type SEO tutorial and find some result, they read but up to certain limit but they want something new to get information very quick, reading some content is very slow process even in video they shows some process how to do this etc.

So now you get all why video is very popular. Video creation time you must take care of user they understand your view what you express. And second thing is how to publish your own video? If you search video site then you will find 1000 sites are available for publishing your video.

For example Google provides video creation and also posting of your videos live. And also Youtube is the biggest site for your video place. When you publish your video in video sites they must want create a account for your name and publish your video. In my experience video sites has more traffic than other site. Video provide you entertainment, it’s not boring.