What is Digg & How it Works?

What is Digg.com? Digg is a free social news website or second name social bookmarking site. Digg is Keyword search orientate website. You can post your stories like blog post, website, news, some your comments and also voting system is there. Digg provides n number of categories like Business, Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle, Offbeat, Politics, Science, Sports, Technology and World News.



Why Digg? In 2012 Digg website traffic rank was 178th behind one of the competitor Reddit. If you see estimation 4.4 million get visits only from U.S. in Monthly basis.

How it works? Digg is giving you a space that you share your thought/view, website sharing by category wise. And also digg allow you to vote for other user posts/submitted stories.

In last 4 years Digg launched many features, those are Facebook Connect, Digg Dialogg, Digg Bar, Digg API, Digg App. In May 2009, Digg launched a new feature integrating Facebook Connect with Digg website. The Digg integration with Facebook connects allows users of Digg and Facebook to connect their accounts.

Digg helps to increase your website traffic? Yes of-course Digg website help to increase your website traffic. Digg is day to day activity like social networking website (facebook, twitter).

Way to increase traffic:
Follow people – Digg facilitated with following people like twitter. Twitter is limited to following people upto 1000 but digg yet not created limit on following people. You can follow 30 people in a day.
Keep posting comments on top stories.
 Keep track on discussion and also take participation in discussion in terms of commenting.
 Keep trying to submit/post good quality content.
 You can add Digg widget on your website.

Hope this post will help you and share your views with me.


SEO Tips for Portal based Websites

People are using internet for various purposes like looking for buying products, services, sales, retails market products, online gaming, entertainments and fun like Twitter, Facebook, movie reviews, looking information and many more. This is best advantage for portal based website. These Days we observed many websites are portal based websites. They analyze there target audience and then start with there campaign. Burrp.com, zomato.com, baratrealestate.com, etc portal website examples are very popular for information about cities specialty like Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Movie Review, Travel places to visit near Pune, Mumbai etc.

If you want to start making money from portal website they you need to know all about you interested area. Supposed you based from Pune and you started with Pune based portal website then it is your plus point, because you know Pune City very well as compare to other cities portal people.

    1. Make sure all website data should be correct and content should be keyword reached.
    2. Short list your targeted keywords for promotion.
    3. Need to verify your data frequently.
    4. Portal must have some interactive activity with people like review writing, rating, signup option.
    5. Poll for questions on website
    6. About Social Media marketing – create account on twitter, facebook and start promoting it.
    7. Analyze website traffic with the help of many tools like Omniature, Google Analytics etc.
    8. Start with SEO Process like Social Bookmarking which is Keyword based, Article Writing and promotion on Article Directories, Directory Submission, Classified Submission, and Local Business Directory Submission. All Process helps to get back links for your websites.
      • Social Bookmarking is keyword based process to submit your website in Social Bookmarking website. Need to target main keyword for promotion promote with keyword reached description.
      • Article Writing – Write Article with targeted keyword and promote it on Article Directories. Steps – Signup -> Add Author Name -> Add article with Keywords hyper link with Website URL ->Add Article Title, Article Summery, Author Bio and Keywords -> Submit. After some duration it will get approved by admin of Article Directory.
      • Directory Submission – Need to submit website with title, description, keywords. It gets approved after some duration.
      • Classified Submission, local Business Directory Submission is same as Directory Submission.
    9. Get touch with your customer by feedback and follow what they want from your website.

All above points will help to promote website.

Double Listings is magic of Google

Today I thing about why we are doing double listing in Google. I just search o Google how to get done it. & guess what I found some tips to get good traffic by double listing. Now I will explain how to do it.

Double listing concept has some rules, to follow that instruction. Now you are thing about what is Double listing? & why I do it? So answer is here!

Sometimes Google shows two page result of one site in Google search this is called as a double listing or Indented listing. This is process to get equal link rank in top 10 result but need two pages very relevant content. This is totally depend on the strength of your domain/site and the competition of your site, it goes to for double listings for long tail phrases which already bring traffic to your site from one article. It’s easy to achieve, and improves traffic because in top ten 2 results is your website in SERPS.

The way to get To get a double or indented listing process explain by Aaron Wall:

1. A bit of Domain Authority
2. Targeted, relevant articles
3. Internal Linking (esp. between articles)
4. The odd link from external sites (if any)
i.e. nothing spectacular. It’s quite simple stuff.

Double Google listing is only by organic listing. If you really want to do double listings/indented listings, you have to add relevant content on your site that meets the expectations of a searcher looking for that particular keyword phrase and you’ll probably acquire them naturally or by Organic SEO if you have some relevant links too, it makes addition . If you want a more surgical approach, you’ll need at least two pages optimized for the same term.

It might not be obviously apparent which page on your site is ranking 2nd if it is in the 2nd or 3td page of results but find it and then optimize it, link-build to it (start with internal links) and when it hits the top ten, you’ll get a double listing.

Meta tags writing trips

Mata tags special for search engine, it’s not visible to normal user. Meta tags writing is special technique for get ranking in search engine.

When you write Meta tag for particular page then you must take care of keywords. Meta tags improve your website search engine result pages (SERPs). When you want to represent your website in search engine in SERPs then you must write Meta tags for each pages of website.

Keyword is not repeating in description, title, keywords on each pages if you repetition of keyword it may be affect your rank in search engine. Or don’t include your company name in keyword, better way to include in description part of Meta tags.

Meta tags represent your site in search engine so it’s very important to create Meta tags on header of website. Meta tags are added in HTML format. Your Meta tags are based on you website content which is live on website. Means it’s compatible to your website content & Meta tags. I should say Meta tags is directly proportional to website content & it’s effect on SERPs results.

Video Search Engine Optimization

Video search engine optimization is the one of the newest part of SEO. Now a day’s video creation tremendously increases. Why is that? Any one says only righting content and user will read all article or news content. So most of seo peoples turns towards video creation and there optimization. For example normal user goes to google and type SEO tutorial and find some result, they read but up to certain limit but they want something new to get information very quick, reading some content is very slow process even in video they shows some process how to do this etc.

So now you get all why video is very popular. Video creation time you must take care of user they understand your view what you express. And second thing is how to publish your own video? If you search video site then you will find 1000 sites are available for publishing your video.

For example Google provides video creation and also posting of your videos live. And also Youtube is the biggest site for your video place. When you publish your video in video sites they must want create a account for your name and publish your video. In my experience video sites has more traffic than other site. Video provide you entertainment, it’s not boring.

Need of SEO Consultant

Do you know about SEO consultant role in our world? SEO consultant helps you for optimize your website in a right direction. They suggest you how to get higher traffic and ranking for your website. Most of the new business developers website is not very developed through SEO rules why is that because they give this optimization of there own website to SEO service provider company so they gives you guaranty to get higher ranking in search engine, but they are not fulfills there own commitment to words clients.

Now a day’s all peoples are aware about online business and how to improve there business, so they turn towards search engine optimization for there website. Because they want to attract people to buy there product online. In terms of our SEO language they want more leads for there business with the help of SEO person. Indirectly to increase there own website traffic, that work play a role by SEO people.

Many people believe SEO service provides company, but there they want much more money for it. Online business people they paid that much account but they are not satisfied with this result. So they taken help of SEO consultant. And they observed “They Get Leads for there Own Business“. That is the difference between SEO services provider companies and SEO consultants.

Benefits of SEO consultants are they give all information about your website like status of your site, how to optimizes it?, how to improve your site like content, tags etc. they are taken guaranty to get higher ranking or increase your website visitors. You can believe them blindly. So what you think about SEO consultant. That’s your choose you choose SEO service provider company or SEO consultant.

Search Engine Submission for Indexing

Now days search engine submission is important to get indexing your website pages. The role of search engine is to find your site their own. You want to submit your site to search engine then you submit site only once and shortly (some days) after this your site will goes live in search engine. The best sources to get indexing and to attract search engine spider then you must submit your site sitemap or XML sitemap. This sitemap submit to Google Webmaster Tools and your sitemap include address to it within your robots.txt file. For example your sitemap path is like that: http://www.domain.com/sitemap.xml

Hope you get the importance of sitemap for your site. So you must add sitemap on website. Sitemap includes all pages links in one page means site map. Just try it and reply me…

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