Search Engine Submission for Indexing

Now days search engine submission is important to get indexing your website pages. The role of search engine is to find your site their own. You want to submit your site to search engine then you submit site only once and shortly (some days) after this your site will goes live in search engine. The best sources to get indexing and to attract search engine spider then you must submit your site sitemap or XML sitemap. This sitemap submit to Google Webmaster Tools and your sitemap include address to it within your robots.txt file. For example your sitemap path is like that:

Hope you get the importance of sitemap for your site. So you must add sitemap on website. Sitemap includes all pages links in one page means site map. Just try it and reply me…

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Search Engine Optimization is the Science of Search

Marketing on the web is the skill of search engine optimization to develop website, this is the science of search. Search engine optimization is not the search engine submission or copy writing, nor links. It’s the process to improve your website with the help of seo techniques. Before you start link building of your website you must take a look on your website note all points like remove all errors in your website means go for website validation with the help of any validation site like .This site shows you all errors in your website correct it and move forward.

Next step is adding Meta tags in header of site. A Meta tag includes title, description, keywords. Then go for most important part is content of website. Content is the king of website or in there way content is the heart of website. Content is the key to attract more users on your website. If you want to avoid website bounce rate then you improve your content of each page of website.

So improve your website rank and go a head……….

Web Designer Scope

Is there any web designer who compete with apple design and I should say any one who know how to go forward from Apple ? I agree with there are no limitation for web design because ideas are unlimited for designing, Only they have one feature user friendly. I think web designer play a major role in success of business. Because see there is some steps in business building in a better manner like to launch best website to attract people through internet ultimately popularity. If you want best website then must go for seo web designer who knows every thing about its limitations, rules. Why every person wants own website because of online market identity.

In future, in web designing field will having very big scope for web designer. I should say for web designing people “No one stop the web designer those having great ideas“.

In future there will be many sites comes to give compete with apple site… What you say?

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media optimization is mostly use for to get popular in everywhere. For get popularity through various methods social media, online communities and also community website. Methods of SMO is different like adding RSS Feeds, dig, blogging, you tube videos, communities website like Flicker gallery and photo slide. Mostly SMO is doing for increasing traffic on website and also it’s related to search engine marketing. Social bookmarking is one of the methods of Social media optimization and also videos and sharing photos on website. Blogging is also involved in social media optimization. Purpose of blogging is to sharing content through RSS Feed, especially Technorati.

In Social media optimization to create network through various websites like social networking sites as follows:

1. Technorati: Create blogs and search engine for blog
2. Myspace : Social networking
3. Wikipedia : Reference
4. Blog : picture-sharing
5. Google Groups : Reference, social networking
6. Face book: social networking
7. Youmeo: Social networking
8. : Music website
9. YouTube: Video adding and sharing videos
10. Avatars United : social networking
11. Flickr : Sharing photos
12. Twitter : Social networking

Following links for Creating Network on Net for online Communication:

1. Communication

– Microblogs / Presence apps: Twitter and Pownce
– Social networking: Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkut, Ojeez and Avatars United
– Events:

2. Collaboration

– Wikis: Wikipedia
– Social bookmarking:, StumbleUpon, Diigo etc
– Social News Sites: Digg, Mixx and Reddit
– Opinion sites: epinions

3. Multimedia

– Photo sharing: Flickr and Zooomr
– Video sharing: YouTube and Vimeo
– Live casting: Ustream and
– Audio and Music Sharing: imeem

4. Entertainment

– Virtual worlds: Second Life
– Online gaming: World of Warcraft
– Game sharing:

XML Sitemap Useful in Search Engine Optimization

You know all about search engine optimization and also its uses way on your website. If not then please refer my others blog post. If you are asking about XML sitemaps are important for search engine optimization then my answer is ‘Yes’. Why my answer is Yes then please read all post.

Website sites are in two forms XML and HTML. HTML is a user friendly and XML is search engine friendly. XML site map feature is essential for search engine optimization means search engine crawler can find all links in one page. Search engine spider always read first sitemap and then examining other pages of website.

What is Search Engine?

Do you know about search engine and why it help to give higher ranking to website and what are the functions of it? All these questions answer is her. First make clear Search engine is not human its software which store database of website which are added by you with the help of source like ‘Add URL here’. Its part of search engine submission we will come later.

When you phase some keyword in Search engine it shows some results means numbers of links but it’s relevant to that keyword. All game is totally depends on your keyword. All search engines are not same; all are different in its functions and characteristics. All search engine having its own unique characteristics. As businesses is differ from each other, search tools.

Search engine has main tool called as ‘spider’. Spider is electronic robot, that move through out website and examining website in terms add them to a search engine database and also ranking for search engine. Spider also called as crawler because spider crawl all website data base. Spider has its own terms and conditions. It examines content, its duplicated or cityscape etc.

All peoples called make your website as Search Engine Friendly. Do you know what is exactly meaning of Search Engine Friendly? Search Engine Friendly means to in a website to add or modify elements to attract spider of search engine and also for live directory editors. After you made search Engine Friendly website automatically traffic is increase. And what is additional or modification in website? It is to design website by SEO view. Some rules are there like don’t use frames, flash, animation, image content etc because spider doesn’t read all these elements.

When you follow all terms and conditions related to search engine for your website then your site is search engine friendly and there is no competitor for your website. You will see your success in terms of traffic and leads for your business.

SEO – Content

In SEO content is king because all users are comes for his own question. If you providing some service in your company and you want to add this info on your website then you must give accurate, informative and also precise information. This point must be carefully followed.

Content of website is directly affected on your website bounce rate. If content is very good but not descriptive or not give any information correctly then user going to be frosted and user immediately comes out of website, again he can’t come on your website.

Always remember content is search engine friendly and also user. Search engine friendly means not copy content as well as duplicate content. If you use duplicate content then google spider trapped you and blog your page so be careful that.

Always avoid these things. Second is don’t use hyped text in your website.

Last but not least, keyword density is part of SEO content. Keyword density should be minimum (1.7%). You want to calculate keyword density of your content, this available in google tools. You may calculate by various website like

When you publish your content on you website before that always go for copy scaping and simple content to understand easily by user. Content is always simple text and also in simple .txt file not in flash, no image and not in frames. It helps to google spider read.