Hotels in Pune- Keyword Having High Competition For SEO Work

“Hotels in Pune” keyword having high weightage in SEO work or we called it in Search Engine result. The millions of competition for this keyword. Because of in Pune there is increasing hotels. For example if you look on Lavasa like cities are many hotels and opening many hotels coming soon. Now days, this keyword is fully reserve for PPC world, in SEO is very high competition to get first rank result on Google.  Now how can SEO people help to get hotel website get rank. It will take time to get rank.

This competition word no body wait for SEO result every one wants good result instant level. That time hotel owner or website holder going with paid word like online advertisement on various types of sites. I remember before 5 or 6 month ago there is high competition for real estate in Pune or real estate pune keyword in paid & organic seo and still it continued. These types of competitions are going in Hotels in Pune keyword.

Now solution is you can make keyword location vise for example if your hotel is located near by kalayni nagar pune then you can make Hotel at Kalaninagar Pune or Hotels in Pune near kalayninagar or best hotel in kalayninager Pune. I agree these are the long tail keyword but you will get good result in very short duration. This is my experience & I tried it and it worked. If you having hotel related project then you can test it on…and tell me your feedback on it


Online Marketing Grows Your Business

Whenever you start your business you need to promote your product / business, either way online and offline, in simple way print, media and online advertising. An online marketing strategy is most important to understand. First target your business area, where the business is & where you want to grow. If your business in India, like in Pune area or Mumbai, then you go for local market. Your target is online business then you go for internet world.

If you analyze the internet surfing people then you will found 75% people taking the advantages of internet to search some product or information or services. Various people different – different search query. Most of the people believe on online product buying.

Best option for online marketing is to sale the product & provides buy product online service. It helps to grow the business get popularity to your brand in market. We will go easier, I will tell you one example, if you want to buy movie ticket online then every cinema theater provides online ticket for customers. Or some business sites provide all cinema theaters shows & you need to book your ticket where you want. It will reduce your efforts & time. This is best & easiest example to understand the important of online marketing.

When you will get popularity through both ways either online or offline, then no need to go for promoting your business or product. Online marketing is help to push towards promotion / popularity to the people through internet world. So what you think now go for online marketing for business promotion and take advantage of new schemes of SEM(Search Engine Marketing) All schemes are available at all SEM service provider. Feel free you contact us.

Double Listings is magic of Google

Today I thing about why we are doing double listing in Google. I just search o Google how to get done it. & guess what I found some tips to get good traffic by double listing. Now I will explain how to do it.

Double listing concept has some rules, to follow that instruction. Now you are thing about what is Double listing? & why I do it? So answer is here!

Sometimes Google shows two page result of one site in Google search this is called as a double listing or Indented listing. This is process to get equal link rank in top 10 result but need two pages very relevant content. This is totally depend on the strength of your domain/site and the competition of your site, it goes to for double listings for long tail phrases which already bring traffic to your site from one article. It’s easy to achieve, and improves traffic because in top ten 2 results is your website in SERPS.

The way to get To get a double or indented listing process explain by Aaron Wall:

1. A bit of Domain Authority
2. Targeted, relevant articles
3. Internal Linking (esp. between articles)
4. The odd link from external sites (if any)
i.e. nothing spectacular. It’s quite simple stuff.

Double Google listing is only by organic listing. If you really want to do double listings/indented listings, you have to add relevant content on your site that meets the expectations of a searcher looking for that particular keyword phrase and you’ll probably acquire them naturally or by Organic SEO if you have some relevant links too, it makes addition . If you want a more surgical approach, you’ll need at least two pages optimized for the same term.

It might not be obviously apparent which page on your site is ranking 2nd if it is in the 2nd or 3td page of results but find it and then optimize it, link-build to it (start with internal links) and when it hits the top ten, you’ll get a double listing.