Methology of Search Engine Optimization.

There are three methology of Search Engine Optimization.

1) Online Optimization
2) Offline Optimization
3) Goal of Website

1) Online Optimization:

In Online optimization involved various points like

i) First to pre optimize your website and ment analyses report.

ii) Keyword Reseach: This is most important part in optimization.Search Engine Optimization is totally base on keyword. Effective Keywords makes your website high rank.

iii) Competitorus Website analyses is necessary you must know how are the competator site for your site.

iv) Rewriting robot friendly Rubric text. Means to make proper tags for your website.In tags optimization involved various tages like
– H1 to H6 tag for heading
– Meta Tags including title tag,keyword tag,Description Tag
– Alt Tags for hyperlink tages
– Body text for website content is most important for user.
– Site Map for link optimization.

v) Google spider first catch site map for indexing in google.

2) Offline Optimization:

Offline Optimization means you precent your website by online or through internet. We called as publishing your website in related directories.So user can find your website very quickly.

Offline Optimization include following process:

i) Directory Submission
ii) Article Submission
iii) Blog Submission
iv) RSS Submission
V) Forum Submission
vi) Press Release Submission
vii) Social Networking(Communities)
viii) Social Bookmarking

These process all inclides in link building.These process you have to attend. But most important point is your website keyword

e.g. Website is base on SEO then your wensite keyword is must SEO and all process is going on your company.Website must add in seo category or seo directory.Get effective result through adding your site in following conditions:

1) Submite website in conteury base directory.

2) Submite in general directory.

3) Submite in product specifice directory.

4) Website submite in leading search engine for indexing in it.Fix your data base in search engine

5) Social networking : To join cummunities and helps to publish your website through network.

6) Social bookmarking : It is total base on tags or keywords. Bookmark in bookmarking site and it help to increate your wensite traffic and back links also.

3) Achivement of your website:

i) Monitoring website ranking with your different keywords (Search Engine Indexing)

ii) More enquiry by email,phone calls for your comapny services.

iii) Measure in lead this is goal of your site.

iv) Measure in terms of users but unique user.(How many users comes in a day with low bounce rate)

v) Monitore on alexa ranking and automatically high page rank.(0-10)