Digital Marketing helps to create good impression of Business

Digital marketing is growing field; people are very interactive on internet. Digital Marketing is an advertising medium such as television, radio, internet, social media network, mobile (mobile apps) and many more. Purpose of digital marketing is to promote brands and reach out to the users. This is the best way to communicate with people including clients, new contacts.

Digital marketing is not as easy as it seems it needs lot of skill, knowledge and advanced technology to make your campaign successful and effective. Now, each and every person is using internet these days, mostly social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, delicious etc. In digital marketing, many techniques and practices involved with in internet marketing category to reach to user or customers.

Digital marketer people also target non-internet user, they concerned, and they goes beyond the internet techniques. They target some new technologies like mobile, mobile apps, making use of other elements like SMS, MMS, and outdoor digital advertisements. Many Public Relations (PR) firms in India have started these different marketing strategies for their business growth.

Some details about forms of Digital Marketing:

Pull Digital Marketing:  It involves direct selection of content through web search where users have specific URL to view the content.

Send or Push Digital Marketing:  It involves the advertiser as well as the user or subscriber or customer. The advertiser sends or pushes the message to the user or subscriber who option to access the message and may turn into a feature lead. Email, RSS and SMS are examples of Send or Push digital marketing.

Now you know the pull and push forms of Digital Marketing, we will discuss in deep later. In digital marketing, offers other services too like web design, email marketing campaigns, brand creation and other internet marketing solutions to provide your business profits over the others. Best digital marketer is who well known among the business community will go beyond the basics, provide you right technology and give you the correct advice to help your business grow.

Now we will see Advantages of Digital Marketing. Digital Media/Marketing has the ability to create or engaged a large number of people in short span of time.

  • Scope for best way to connect with millions of Internet users.
  • It is accessible & measurable.
  • Give best analysis.
  • Great ability to create a good impact on user.
  • To offers higher conversion rate for lead.
  • Compared to other marketing strategy it takes less efforts and time.
  • Inexpensive compared to other marketing strategies.
  • Lifetime is longer.
  • No requires long-term commitment.
  • Output can be tracked by digital marketer.
  • Design changes can be implemented quickly and easily.

Digital marketer will be taking care of all your needs and offer you with the most effective email marketing campaigns and other online business services like bulk SMS, MMS etc. at market prices. Digital marketing is plays a key role in reaching to the customers & making most of your internet marketing strategy. Digital Marketing is need of the short time & businesses which get this solution are bound to succeed in the long run.


What is Digg & How it Works?

What is Digg is a free social news website or second name social bookmarking site. Digg is Keyword search orientate website. You can post your stories like blog post, website, news, some your comments and also voting system is there. Digg provides n number of categories like Business, Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle, Offbeat, Politics, Science, Sports, Technology and World News.



Why Digg? In 2012 Digg website traffic rank was 178th behind one of the competitor Reddit. If you see estimation 4.4 million get visits only from U.S. in Monthly basis.

How it works? Digg is giving you a space that you share your thought/view, website sharing by category wise. And also digg allow you to vote for other user posts/submitted stories.

In last 4 years Digg launched many features, those are Facebook Connect, Digg Dialogg, Digg Bar, Digg API, Digg App. In May 2009, Digg launched a new feature integrating Facebook Connect with Digg website. The Digg integration with Facebook connects allows users of Digg and Facebook to connect their accounts.

Digg helps to increase your website traffic? Yes of-course Digg website help to increase your website traffic. Digg is day to day activity like social networking website (facebook, twitter).

Way to increase traffic:
Follow people – Digg facilitated with following people like twitter. Twitter is limited to following people upto 1000 but digg yet not created limit on following people. You can follow 30 people in a day.
Keep posting comments on top stories.
 Keep track on discussion and also take participation in discussion in terms of commenting.
 Keep trying to submit/post good quality content.
 You can add Digg widget on your website.

Hope this post will help you and share your views with me.

What is .htaccess file and how it Helps

Are looking for how to redirecting your old site to new website domain? They you must use search engine friendly method like use .htaccess file. If you are in development field then you must know this file. But you are SEO person and don’t know about it they don’t worry about it here you will get all information about how to tackle redirecting website.

.htaccess file is very popular these days because every one using this file for redirect old website to new website or rewriting URLs. If your website is like sub-domain and you want to convert to sub directory they you must use .htaccess file and also vise versa. .htaccess redirect is better than the Meta refresh or redirect tag because browser reads first .htaccess file and no delay happen as compare to meta refresh.

How .htaccess work:

What is redirects URL?

For example you want to old URL to, this is called redirects URL.

What is rewriting URL?

This problem special is coming to Joomla based website or like dynamic site. For example you URL is and now you want to static website URL like this type of change you need to take help of .htaccess file editing.

What type of error coming in website?

400 – Bad request Error

401 – Authorization Required Error

403 – Forbidden Error

404 – File not found error

500 – Internal Server Error

These types of errors are coming from links, bookmarks and search engines. And it’s very embarrassing of website to show these type errors. SO first you need to solve these errors for returning of you visitor.

How to write .htaccess redirect URL:

Go to website root folder, download the .htaccess file to your computer and edit it with a plain-text editor it is Notepad file. If you are using FTP Client software and you don’t see any .htaccess file on your server, double check your setting and make sure you have turn on invisible / system files.

To Redirect Entire Site:

Redirect 301 /

To Redirect Certain Page(s):

Redirect 301 /oldpage.html Redirect 301 /oldpage2.html

I just hope this guideline help you to solve your website problems.

SEO Tips for Portal based Websites

People are using internet for various purposes like looking for buying products, services, sales, retails market products, online gaming, entertainments and fun like Twitter, Facebook, movie reviews, looking information and many more. This is best advantage for portal based website. These Days we observed many websites are portal based websites. They analyze there target audience and then start with there campaign.,,, etc portal website examples are very popular for information about cities specialty like Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Movie Review, Travel places to visit near Pune, Mumbai etc.

If you want to start making money from portal website they you need to know all about you interested area. Supposed you based from Pune and you started with Pune based portal website then it is your plus point, because you know Pune City very well as compare to other cities portal people.

    1. Make sure all website data should be correct and content should be keyword reached.
    2. Short list your targeted keywords for promotion.
    3. Need to verify your data frequently.
    4. Portal must have some interactive activity with people like review writing, rating, signup option.
    5. Poll for questions on website
    6. About Social Media marketing – create account on twitter, facebook and start promoting it.
    7. Analyze website traffic with the help of many tools like Omniature, Google Analytics etc.
    8. Start with SEO Process like Social Bookmarking which is Keyword based, Article Writing and promotion on Article Directories, Directory Submission, Classified Submission, and Local Business Directory Submission. All Process helps to get back links for your websites.
      • Social Bookmarking is keyword based process to submit your website in Social Bookmarking website. Need to target main keyword for promotion promote with keyword reached description.
      • Article Writing – Write Article with targeted keyword and promote it on Article Directories. Steps – Signup -> Add Author Name -> Add article with Keywords hyper link with Website URL ->Add Article Title, Article Summery, Author Bio and Keywords -> Submit. After some duration it will get approved by admin of Article Directory.
      • Directory Submission – Need to submit website with title, description, keywords. It gets approved after some duration.
      • Classified Submission, local Business Directory Submission is same as Directory Submission.
    9. Get touch with your customer by feedback and follow what they want from your website.

All above points will help to promote website.

Hotels in Pune- Keyword Having High Competition For SEO Work

“Hotels in Pune” keyword having high weightage in SEO work or we called it in Search Engine result. The millions of competition for this keyword. Because of in Pune there is increasing hotels. For example if you look on Lavasa like cities are many hotels and opening many hotels coming soon. Now days, this keyword is fully reserve for PPC world, in SEO is very high competition to get first rank result on Google.  Now how can SEO people help to get hotel website get rank. It will take time to get rank.

This competition word no body wait for SEO result every one wants good result instant level. That time hotel owner or website holder going with paid word like online advertisement on various types of sites. I remember before 5 or 6 month ago there is high competition for real estate in Pune or real estate pune keyword in paid & organic seo and still it continued. These types of competitions are going in Hotels in Pune keyword.

Now solution is you can make keyword location vise for example if your hotel is located near by kalayni nagar pune then you can make Hotel at Kalaninagar Pune or Hotels in Pune near kalayninagar or best hotel in kalayninager Pune. I agree these are the long tail keyword but you will get good result in very short duration. This is my experience & I tried it and it worked. If you having hotel related project then you can test it on…and tell me your feedback on it

Online Marketing Grows Your Business

Whenever you start your business you need to promote your product / business, either way online and offline, in simple way print, media and online advertising. An online marketing strategy is most important to understand. First target your business area, where the business is & where you want to grow. If your business in India, like in Pune area or Mumbai, then you go for local market. Your target is online business then you go for internet world.

If you analyze the internet surfing people then you will found 75% people taking the advantages of internet to search some product or information or services. Various people different – different search query. Most of the people believe on online product buying.

Best option for online marketing is to sale the product & provides buy product online service. It helps to grow the business get popularity to your brand in market. We will go easier, I will tell you one example, if you want to buy movie ticket online then every cinema theater provides online ticket for customers. Or some business sites provide all cinema theaters shows & you need to book your ticket where you want. It will reduce your efforts & time. This is best & easiest example to understand the important of online marketing.

When you will get popularity through both ways either online or offline, then no need to go for promoting your business or product. Online marketing is help to push towards promotion / popularity to the people through internet world. So what you think now go for online marketing for business promotion and take advantage of new schemes of SEM(Search Engine Marketing) All schemes are available at all SEM service provider. Feel free you contact us.

Double Listings is magic of Google

Today I thing about why we are doing double listing in Google. I just search o Google how to get done it. & guess what I found some tips to get good traffic by double listing. Now I will explain how to do it.

Double listing concept has some rules, to follow that instruction. Now you are thing about what is Double listing? & why I do it? So answer is here!

Sometimes Google shows two page result of one site in Google search this is called as a double listing or Indented listing. This is process to get equal link rank in top 10 result but need two pages very relevant content. This is totally depend on the strength of your domain/site and the competition of your site, it goes to for double listings for long tail phrases which already bring traffic to your site from one article. It’s easy to achieve, and improves traffic because in top ten 2 results is your website in SERPS.

The way to get To get a double or indented listing process explain by Aaron Wall:

1. A bit of Domain Authority
2. Targeted, relevant articles
3. Internal Linking (esp. between articles)
4. The odd link from external sites (if any)
i.e. nothing spectacular. It’s quite simple stuff.

Double Google listing is only by organic listing. If you really want to do double listings/indented listings, you have to add relevant content on your site that meets the expectations of a searcher looking for that particular keyword phrase and you’ll probably acquire them naturally or by Organic SEO if you have some relevant links too, it makes addition . If you want a more surgical approach, you’ll need at least two pages optimized for the same term.

It might not be obviously apparent which page on your site is ranking 2nd if it is in the 2nd or 3td page of results but find it and then optimize it, link-build to it (start with internal links) and when it hits the top ten, you’ll get a double listing.