Google Fast Flip-Amazing

Last 5 to 6 days I am searching something new about news papers. I want to see new papers search tool. So here it is i.e. Google Fast Flip. I know every one know about it but didn’t know about it. it is releases in September 2009.
Google Fast flip you can find on this link It’s amazing to handal, to know about its features, benefits, its working style & of course its source of database.

Google Fast Flip means what? Name is indicating something tools which is very fast showing search result. Its new application for new papers / publishers/ article publishers. Don’t think it is good new for all publishers. But its is in Lab experiment, I know it is very soon out of lab.

Goofl Fast Flip

Google Fast Flip combine qualities of print & with ability to flip go through pages online quickly by web magazine.You can share with your friends all articles of magazine & also create your own customized area for article.

So everyone having some question about Google fast flip, how it works? your own topic selection, giving recommendation, personalized result, languages, worked in mobile devices?

So every questions having some answers:
Google fast flip, capture the google partners web i.e. source of database of news / magazine papers & viewing on search results with quality of content means readable view. You can move right & left side for viewing more papers.

Topic in Google fast flip is automatically generating you just need to add search quire in search box or you need to choose your interest category wise like business, Entertainment, Politics, Sport, Sci/tech, health, Travel etc

You can recommend your favorites articles by registering in google about for this. This recommendation is shown in specific tab known as “Recommended”. means this is for to give vote for your interest article. Even you can email this page to your friends by clicking on right hand side option “email”

Now Google fast flip is available only in American English-language content because they want to interact with international users. its applicable in Mobile device like iPhone and Android mobile devices.

If you want to know about its source of info then view by this link:


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