New Keyword Search Tool: SEO Sniper

Better identify your target audience and windows of opportunity. SEO Sniper takes the .csv export from Google’s keyword ideas tool and provides extensive analysis to give you better information for determining which keyphrases provide the best windows of opportunity for generating pre-qualified traffic to your websites.

Better Keyphrase Research

* Keyphrase Research is essential to any SEO/SEM marketing efforts.
* All Keyphrase Research services have their own source for behavioral data
* None has as good a source for raw search volume numbers as Google.
o Google has 67% market share of search traffic.
o Google is a much better source.
* Most services use the number of results returned for a search as their competition number
* This is not an accurate number to determine how competitive a keyphrase is for SEO.
* The number of pages where some significant optimization is actually being done is a better number.
o NOT simply all the pages returned

Better Search Volume numbers + More Accurate Competition numbers = Superior KEI Scores

A new method of calculating KEI has added much to the speed of SEO Sniper.
For the new method of KEI, research was conducted on many correlation analyses between multiple sets of metrics related to a keyphrase. The proprietary formula for KEI incorporates that research. Principles from the traditional calculation for KEI and Sniper’s™ original calculation (using accurate competition numbers) were also incorporated into this research.

Window of Opportunity Index

SEO Sniper combines:
o A Superior KEI Score,
o Traffic Volume Trend (the magnitude and timing of spikes)
o PPC Competitiveness.

Discerning the window of opportunity needs to be about more than KEI.

Traffic Estimator

For the number of ranking positinos you specify, SEO Sniper will provide an estimate of monthly traffic for each keyphrase.

The estimates are calculated using a proprietary process backed by research of user behavior comprising over 35 million searches and over 15 million click-throughs.

The estimates are provided as a separate output file in CSV format.

Price:Only $97.00!

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