SEO – Content

In SEO content is king because all users are comes for his own question. If you providing some service in your company and you want to add this info on your website then you must give accurate, informative and also precise information. This point must be carefully followed.

Content of website is directly affected on your website bounce rate. If content is very good but not descriptive or not give any information correctly then user going to be frosted and user immediately comes out of website, again he can’t come on your website.

Always remember content is search engine friendly and also user. Search engine friendly means not copy content as well as duplicate content. If you use duplicate content then google spider trapped you and blog your page so be careful that.

Always avoid these things. Second is don’t use hyped text in your website.

Last but not least, keyword density is part of SEO content. Keyword density should be minimum (1.7%). You want to calculate keyword density of your content, this available in google tools. You may calculate by various website like

When you publish your content on you website before that always go for copy scaping and simple content to understand easily by user. Content is always simple text and also in simple .txt file not in flash, no image and not in frames. It helps to google spider read.


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