Why we are doing SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website so it ranks higher in the natural search engine results of selected keyword phrases. Why we are doing SEO for our website is only & only for advirtisement of our business & our popularity.

For example if you own a web design business in India you may want to optimize your site for the keyword phrase India web design in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. If you succeed in making changes to your website your ranking will increase. The ultimate goal would be ranked #1 for your keyword phrases; this means that if you went to Google, for example, and typed in India web design your website would be the 1st result in the middle search engine index.

SEO is for optimizing your site & ready to compete with other higher sucessed site. SEO is usually a very cost-effect medium for advertising. You can usually track results very easily as well to see if it is paying off or not.That is known as organic SEO.But SEO is most profitable for our website than paying method.

There are some drawbacks to SEO though. Because any methodology having some draback same with SEO like search engine algorithms that is google page rank are very complex and large the changes you make to your website may take up to a few months to take effect on the search engines.

The biggest advantage to SEO is the very profitable ROI in the long-term. Unlike other forms of advertising the work you do one month will build upon the next month.
For example, if you pay for a listing in a yellow-page phone book you will pay X amount of dollars every month for that listing; and the results will be comparable month after month.
For SEO you pay X amount of dollars but every month you have SEO services you will get greater results. One month you may get 10 visitors, the next 100, the next 500, the next 1,000, the next 10,000 and it will increase manner.All for the same X amount of dollars every month. As time goes on your ROI increases at an exponential rate.
In pay for listing case, it is for only when you pay that time it show result and after this when you stop paying then it will decrease your result rate.

SEO is a great form of advertising and I suggest anyone interested in search engine optimization do their research & contact that person which provide SEO services for you. This is the best funda for best result in SEO & for your website.SEO report on your website.


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