What are the Importance Factors In SEO?

There is various factor necessary for Website Goal. Goal is always measures in Page Rank(0-10) in Google Search Engine. Following factors are must in our website:

1. Domain Validation.To check registration date & updation date by some site link http://www.whois.sc/ etc..

2. Meta Tags for website.In meta tag there is three part

4. In Title Meta Tag(Keyword)- Close to beginning.Title tag 10 – 60
characters, no special characters.

5. Description Meta Tag(Keyword)- Less than 200 chars.Google no
longer “relies” upon this tag, but will often use it.

6. In Keyword Meta Tag(Keyword)- Shows theme – less than 10 words.
Every word in this tag MUST appear somewhere in the body
text.Means it must be check keyword density in body text of website.

7. Web site is not in flash,frames or not more images.Spider not read
this files.

8. When you are doing link building for your website,then you must
check links in our intrested category of directory.You want more
result then you add your link in those category which contents not
more than 20 links.


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