Methology of Search Engine Optimization.

There are three methology of Search Engine Optimization.

1) Online Optimization
2) Offline Optimization
3) Goal of Website

1) Online Optimization:

In Online optimization involved various points like

i) First to pre optimize your website and ment analyses report.

ii) Keyword Reseach: This is most important part in optimization.Search Engine Optimization is totally base on keyword. Effective Keywords makes your website high rank.

iii) Competitorus Website analyses is necessary you must know how are the competator site for your site.

iv) Rewriting robot friendly Rubric text. Means to make proper tags for your website.In tags optimization involved various tages like
– H1 to H6 tag for heading
– Meta Tags including title tag,keyword tag,Description Tag
– Alt Tags for hyperlink tages
– Body text for website content is most important for user.
– Site Map for link optimization.

v) Google spider first catch site map for indexing in google.

2) Offline Optimization:

Offline Optimization means you precent your website by online or through internet. We called as publishing your website in related directories.So user can find your website very quickly.

Offline Optimization include following process:

i) Directory Submission
ii) Article Submission
iii) Blog Submission
iv) RSS Submission
V) Forum Submission
vi) Press Release Submission
vii) Social Networking(Communities)
viii) Social Bookmarking

These process all inclides in link building.These process you have to attend. But most important point is your website keyword

e.g. Website is base on SEO then your wensite keyword is must SEO and all process is going on your company.Website must add in seo category or seo directory.Get effective result through adding your site in following conditions:

1) Submite website in conteury base directory.

2) Submite in general directory.

3) Submite in product specifice directory.

4) Website submite in leading search engine for indexing in it.Fix your data base in search engine

5) Social networking : To join cummunities and helps to publish your website through network.

6) Social bookmarking : It is total base on tags or keywords. Bookmark in bookmarking site and it help to increate your wensite traffic and back links also.

3) Achivement of your website:

i) Monitoring website ranking with your different keywords (Search Engine Indexing)

ii) More enquiry by email,phone calls for your comapny services.

iii) Measure in lead this is goal of your site.

iv) Measure in terms of users but unique user.(How many users comes in a day with low bounce rate)

v) Monitore on alexa ranking and automatically high page rank.(0-10)


Web 2.0

What is SEO?
When you phare some keywords in google or yahoo or any other search engine and you get few website listed in first few pages of search engine. Thant is called as Search Engine Optimization.

When when website designe by specific way of seo,so it is very friendly to the tools of search engine. So it helps to analysis of website for spider.
Spider is the tool of search engine,which always check and crowl data base of search engine.This is called as Search Engine Optimization.

If your website is not design very proper and no ranking. So you must go for re-design your website, so thst you get higher ranking. This is called as Search Engine Optimization.

Website always designe is proper way of seo.

SEO having some rules for webdesign for higher ranking as follows:

1) Website do not contain flash because it take more time for opening.
(Automatically user will get frusted for opening website)

2) Also not contain frems,images because search engine spider not read freams and images.

3) File size of uploaded on website is not more than 100kb.

4) Always left alignment for the comtent of site.

5) Meta tags of website is content title,desciption,keyword. These three tages must contain keyword based.

6) It play a main role in indexing of Search Engine.

Why we are doing SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website so it ranks higher in the natural search engine results of selected keyword phrases. Why we are doing SEO for our website is only & only for advirtisement of our business & our popularity.

For example if you own a web design business in India you may want to optimize your site for the keyword phrase India web design in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. If you succeed in making changes to your website your ranking will increase. The ultimate goal would be ranked #1 for your keyword phrases; this means that if you went to Google, for example, and typed in India web design your website would be the 1st result in the middle search engine index.

SEO is for optimizing your site & ready to compete with other higher sucessed site. SEO is usually a very cost-effect medium for advertising. You can usually track results very easily as well to see if it is paying off or not.That is known as organic SEO.But SEO is most profitable for our website than paying method.

There are some drawbacks to SEO though. Because any methodology having some draback same with SEO like search engine algorithms that is google page rank are very complex and large the changes you make to your website may take up to a few months to take effect on the search engines.

The biggest advantage to SEO is the very profitable ROI in the long-term. Unlike other forms of advertising the work you do one month will build upon the next month.
For example, if you pay for a listing in a yellow-page phone book you will pay X amount of dollars every month for that listing; and the results will be comparable month after month.
For SEO you pay X amount of dollars but every month you have SEO services you will get greater results. One month you may get 10 visitors, the next 100, the next 500, the next 1,000, the next 10,000 and it will increase manner.All for the same X amount of dollars every month. As time goes on your ROI increases at an exponential rate.
In pay for listing case, it is for only when you pay that time it show result and after this when you stop paying then it will decrease your result rate.

SEO is a great form of advertising and I suggest anyone interested in search engine optimization do their research & contact that person which provide SEO services for you. This is the best funda for best result in SEO & for your website.SEO report on your website.

What are the Importance Factors In SEO?

There is various factor necessary for Website Goal. Goal is always measures in Page Rank(0-10) in Google Search Engine. Following factors are must in our website:

1. Domain Validation.To check registration date & updation date by some site link etc..

2. Meta Tags for website.In meta tag there is three part

4. In Title Meta Tag(Keyword)- Close to beginning.Title tag 10 – 60
characters, no special characters.

5. Description Meta Tag(Keyword)- Less than 200 chars.Google no
longer “relies” upon this tag, but will often use it.

6. In Keyword Meta Tag(Keyword)- Shows theme – less than 10 words.
Every word in this tag MUST appear somewhere in the body
text.Means it must be check keyword density in body text of website.

7. Web site is not in flash,frames or not more images.Spider not read
this files.

8. When you are doing link building for your website,then you must
check links in our intrested category of directory.You want more
result then you add your link in those category which contents not
more than 20 links.

What Is Email Marketing?

You want to grow your Business then go through Email Marketing. After this you want to know what is exact meaning of Email Marketing.

Email Marketing we are doing for to popular our product or our service for business purpose. Email marketing is included in Search Engine Marketing. Email Marketing having second name Email campaigning. In more explanation, send email those having same interested. Like If you are providing SEO service then you must send your company information though mail to interested people like SEO.

And second advantage of email marketing is to advertise your product of your business to people instead of newspaper or notice board.

But when you are doing email marketing for your product or services preferably use your domain Mail ID. It makes wage of your mail and mostly your mail not Spam, those occurs in other free email services provider like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol etc… Mostly prefer daily only 15 or 20 mail sent to people because of Spam.

After email campaigning you have successes in your business. You can assure that your business will grow with the help of Email Marketing.